Fried Andaman Chicken Wings


Phuket Chicken Sate

with peanut sauce


Cheese Plate

Appenzeller, Brie and Blue cheese



Umeshu Pop

Original or Shiso – honey-sweetened umeshu plum wine w/ squeeze of citrus & top of sparkling water on ice
THB 285

Lychee Martini

A tropically refreshing martini w/ Cîroc snapfrost grape vodka, lychee & lemon
THB 390


Pomelo crushed w/ lemon, Tanqueray gin & Mancino vermouth secco served on ice w/ top of Fever-Tree premium “Indian tonic water”
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 345 | 180

For God’s Sake!

A gentle punch of junmai ginjo sake, Ketel One vodka & tart kalamansi citrus balanced w/ smooth white peach, notes of elderflower & a touch sparkling water
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 330 | 180

Speak Mandarin?

Well, maybe better after this at least… Juicy mandarin meets subtle pineapple goodness, Cîroc snapfrost grape vodka & Mancino vermouth secco – served shaken on ice
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 375 | 180

Lychee-Ginger Crush

Juice of Tahiti lime, ginger & lychee w/ Chalong Bay fine cane spirit, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur & soda water in crushed ice & spearmint
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 375 | 195


Vodka Martini

Standard serve is “dry” unless otherwise specified, using Mancino vermouth secco w/ your choice of vodka
Ketel One wheat vodka, Netherlands – w/ green olive
Cîroc snapfrost grape vodka, France – w/ lemon twist
Belvedere rye vodka, Poland – w/ green olive
THB 360 | 405 | 420

Gin & Tonic

Fever-Tree premium “Indian tonic water” w/ your choice of gin
Gordon’s “London dry” gin, Scotland – w/ lemon wedge
Tanqueray “London dry” gin, Scotland – w/ lime wedge
Hendrick’s “small batch handcrafted” gin, Scotland – w/ cucumber & lemon wedge
THB 330 | 360 | 645


The Venetian specialty, dating back to the 1930s, by Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar is as simple as delicious… Puree of white peach stirred together with Italian sparkling white, here served on ice
THB 330


A classic aperitivo drink aka Milano-Torino, refreshing you w/ Campari, Mancino vermouth rosso, sparkling water & orange wedge on ice
THB 285

Aperol Spritz

Another classic aperitivo drink recently taking the world by storm using Aperol, Italian sparkling white, sparkling water & orange wedge on ice
THB 375


You have seen this countless of times if you were, and maybe are, a Sex & The City fan. Fabulous sipping of Ketel One vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice & a squeeze of Tahiti lime served shaken & strained into chilled martini glass
THB 345

Pisco Sour

Whether this originally comes from Chile or Peru we shall leave unsaid, but here we opt for Peruvian pisco shaken w/ lemon & Tahiti lime juice, natural cane sugar & egg white – served strained on ice w/ Angostura Bitters dashes
THB 330


The origin of this cocktail is in its name, but there is more than one story & the details don’t always add up. The oldest one dates back to the 1860s & one thing is for sure: the cocktail is still going strong! We hope you’ll enjoy our combo of Wild Turkey rye whiskey, Mancino vermouth rosso & Angostura Bitters served stirred & strained into chilled martini glass
THB 420


This one too is a drink of many stories. One involves an American army captain during WWI, who regularly arrived to Harry’s Bar in Paris on his sidecar-equipped motorcycle. Supposedly, he often left in the same sidecar rather intoxicated from several orders of Hennessy VS cognac, triple sec & lemon juice served shaken & strained into chilled martini glass
THB 330

Whisky Sour

Served shaken on ice, this classic is a smooth blend of George Dickel Tennessee whisky, lemon juice & natural cane sugar (contains egg white for that wonderfully foamy texture)
THB 330


Pressed Tahiti lime chunks, natural cane sugar, spearmint, Cuban “añejo 3 años” rum & sparkling water in crushed ice. Sip away, close your eyes, & find yourself on the Havana boardwalk for a second or two
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 375 | 180



A guy out-of-this-world, w/ coconut water, strawberry, elderflower, Peruvian pisco & a touch of citrus – served shaken & strained into whole coconut
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 420 | 240

Maracuyá Smash

Passion fruit & Tahiti lime shaken w/ cold-pressed watermelon, curaçao orange & Peruvian pisco punch served on ice in whole watermelon
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 495 | 240

Lychee Ball

Luscious lychee, cold-pressed watermelon & tangy lemon in combination w/ smooth junmai ginjo sake & Cîroc snapfrost grape vodka served on ice in whole watermelon
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 495 | 240

La Vida Coco

A smooth yet rich blend of mango, coconut milk, Cuban “añejo 7 años” rum, French coconut liqueur & a touch of Tahiti lime served in whole coconut w/ top of crisp spearmint
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 435 | 240

Piña Colada

Pineapple! Coconut! Rum! What else do you need? Served on ice in whole pineapple
Cocktail | Mocktail
THB 450 | 240


Zardetto Prosecco Brut / 330

Rose Wine
Viña Mont Gras Pink Sin, Colchagua / 330

White Wine
Cape Mantelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Margaret River / 400
Terrasaz Chardonnay, Mendosa / 330
Echeverria Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley / 330

Red Wine
Cape Mantelle Cabernet Merlot, Margaret River / 400
Echeverria Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Valley / 330

Cuban Cigars
Cohiba Siglo VI / 2’600
Partagas Lusitanias / 1’900
Partagas Serie D No. 4 / 1’600
Ramon Allones Special / 1’500
Partagas Short / 900